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Guild Applications
Citizen is currently looking for high skill/playtime individuals with a strong drive to be #1. We are looking for knowledge in class, as well as a willingness to learn and follow directions.

Exceptional players are always considered, regardless of class status.

If you have any issues with the application/registration, see an officer in game.
Bard Bard High
Beastlord Beastlord Medium
Berserker Berserker Medium
Cleric Cleric High
Druid Druid Medium
Enchanter Enchanter Medium
Magician Magician High
Monk Monk High
Necromancer Necromancer Low
Paladin Paladin High
Ranger Ranger Medium
Rogue Rogue High
Shadow Knight Shadow Knight Low
Shaman Shaman High
Warrior Warrior High
Wizard Wizard Medium
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Recent Loot
Hoop of Eternal Life [History]

09/01/2014 19:40

Mask of the Undying [History]

09/01/2014 19:39

PECC - Wrists [History]

09/01/2014 19:38

PECC - Wrists [History]

09/01/2014 19:38

PEBC - Arms [History]

09/01/2014 18:42

Recent Raids
Tier 6 UF

09/01/2014 22:00

Tier 6 UF

09/01/2014 21:32

Tier 6 UF

09/01/2014 21:00

Tier 7 UF

09/01/2014 20:30

Tier 7 UF

09/01/2014 20:00

More News
SOD CONQUERED! Progression first!!!!!!!

05/12/2014 19:40

Overlord / Synarcana event down~!

05/11/2014 20:52

One tower event down. Barrier Weakening message soon!

05/11/2014 03:49

Raiding Korafax now

04/26/2014 06:50

SOD is now live!

04/22/2014 06:41

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Masked Invaders defeated!
08/11/2014 23:25 by Rollenn

After figuring out that charming a warrior will reset the event after a few minutes of charming we got down to it and owned the Destroyer!


Cleaning up my PhotoBucket account I found this now again appropriate JPEG
08/11/2014 14:50 by Rollenn

I guess it's time to get rid of Photobucket since they are holding me hostage.


The best laid plans of mice and men. VICTORY in PELLUCID GROTTO!
08/04/2014 21:59 by Rollenn

We made elaborate plans to use charm pets to beat the final boss, but we ended up tanking it straight up. Great job Citizen!


Underfoot begins. Citizen is on the board with Fippy and beast killings!
07/30/2014 14:01 by Rollenn


33 > 23 Was it worth it? You decide.
06/12/2014 04:51 by Rollenn


Guild Info
ServerFippy Darkpaw

Progression List

  • The Underfoot
    • July 28th, 2014
    • The Underfoot Opens
    • July 28th, 2014
    • Fippy Darkpaw
    • July 29th, 2014
    • Grunkuck the Beast (Server First)
    • July 30th, 2014
    • To Be Determined
    • Yet to Defeat
    • From T6:
    • The Unburrowing
    • Masked Invaders
    • The War of Brath
    • Guardians of the Hive
    • The Cliknar Queen
    • From T7:
    • Trial of Deconstruction
    • A Cunning Plan
    • The Fungal Corruption
    • Trial of Creation
    • An Audience with Brell Serillis
    • From T8:
    • The Gatekeeper
    • The Stone Warden
    • Unstable Creation
    • The Keymaster
    • The Hall of Records
    • Magus Sisters
    • The First Creation
  • Seeds of Destruction
  • Secrets of Faydwer
  • The Buried Sea
  • The Serpent's Spine
  • Prophecy of Ro
  • Depths of Darkhollow
  • Dragons of Norrath

  • Omens of War

  • Gates of Discord

  • Planes of Power

  • Shadows of Luclin

  • Scars of Velious

  • Ruins of Kunark

  • Classic

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