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Guild Applications
Citizen is currently looking for high skill/playtime individuals with a strong drive to be #1. We are looking for knowledge in class, as well as a willingness to learn and follow directions.

Exceptional players are always considered, regardless of class status.

If you have any issues with the application/registration, see an officer in game.
Bard Bard High
Beastlord Beastlord Low
Berserker Berserker High
Cleric Cleric Medium
Druid Druid Medium
Enchanter Enchanter Low
Magician Magician Low
Monk Monk Low
Necromancer Necromancer Low
Paladin Paladin High
Ranger Ranger Low
Rogue Rogue High
Shadow Knight Shadow Knight Low
Shaman Shaman Low
Warrior Warrior Medium
Wizard Wizard Medium
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Gyro Core BP [History]

04/15/2014 21:08

Gyro Core BP [History]

04/15/2014 21:08

Gearlock Steel Curvebow [History]

04/15/2014 21:07

Self-Refracting Gearplate Mk. III [History]

04/15/2014 21:06

Gnomish Engineer's Gearloop [History]

04/15/2014 21:02

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Ontime Tic

04/17/2014 21:00

MMM Raid

04/15/2014 22:00

MMM Raid

04/15/2014 21:30

MMM Raid

04/15/2014 21:00


04/15/2014 20:30

More News
Secrets of Faydwer is live.

01/02/2014 22:41

Now we play the waiting game

10/11/2013 21:28

Looking forward to Christmas in December!

10/10/2013 00:31

TBS Launched. Citzen begins to dominate Solteris!

10/07/2013 21:31

Yeowow looks like a moldy peanut wearing a hat so ghastly only princess Beatrice would wear.

09/24/2013 22:29

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EPIC FAIL on SOE's part
04/07/2014 21:56 by Rollenn


I am sad to announce that Zard has passed away in real life
03/07/2014 00:33 by Rollenn

Zard was a wonderful guildmate to many of since server launch. It was fantastic that he got to spend time with his son in game while he battled terminal cancer. It was fun having you around Zard. We will always miss you.

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Kerafyrm dead! Where is our barriers weakening message SOE?
01/30/2014 23:25 by Rollenn


Meldrath dead. Crystallos next!
01/14/2014 12:37 by Rollenn

Well Crystallos after a few more flagging round thanks to the redundant blocks put in place by SOE.


Bargangle defeated!!!!
01/12/2014 01:12 by Rollenn

Rumored to be the toughest event in Meldrath's Mansion the grand tinkerer Bargangle Tinkerson was defeated by the guild Citizen! Tomorrow night we have a doctor's appointment with Doctor Brinda Sprocket and then it will be time to crash Meldrath's party and lead the guild into the promised land of Crystallos!

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Guild Info
ServerFippy Darkpaw

Progression List

  • Secrets of Faydwer
    • December 30, 2013
    • Secrets of Faydwer Opens
    • December 30, 2013
    • Overseer Gakko Deepscar
    • Big Bynn I
    • Steam Factory: Spindlecrank
    • Steam Factory: Mining Behemoth
    • Steam Factory: Power Station
    • Octa the Collector
    • January 2nd, 2014
    • Wirlem
    • BMK: The Fanged Moon
    • BMK: Crazok Moonfang
    • BMK: Ralkor's Crystals
    • Crypt of Shade: Soulbleeder
    • Janurary 5th, 2014
    • Scorn
    • Janurary 6th, 2014
    • MMM: Breakneck
    • Janurary 10th, 2014
    • MMM: Battle Room
    • MMM: Krond the Longhorn
    • Janurary 11th, 2014
    • MMM: Bargangle Tinkerson
    • Janurary 12th, 2014
    • MMM: Doctor Brinda Sprocket
    • Janurary 13th, 2014
    • MMM: Meldrath
    • Janurary 20th, 2014
    • Crystallos: Keepers of Stone
    • Janurary 23th, 2014
    • Crystallos: Halls of Fire
    • Crystallos: Kildrukaun
    • Janurary 24th, 2014
    • Crystallos: Tjudawos
    • Janurary 25th, 2014
    • Crystallos: Aerius Windfury
    • Janurary 27th, 2014
    • Crystallos: Ice Constructs
    • Crystallos: Zeixshi`Kar
    • Janurary 29th, 2014
    • Crystallos: Vyskudra
    • Crystallos: Brood Mother Visziaj
    • Janurary 30th, 2014
    • Crystallos: Kerafyrm
    • Expansion Conquered - 11 More weeks to farm before SoD (if SoE fixes the barrier issues!)
  • The Buried Sea
  • The Serpent's Spine
  • Prophecy of Ro
  • Depths of Darkhollow
  • Dragons of Norrath

  • Omens of War

  • Gates of Discord

  • Planes of Power

  • Shadows of Luclin

  • Scars of Velious

  • Ruins of Kunark

  • Classic

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