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Guild Applications
Citizen is currently looking for high skill/playtime individuals with a strong drive to be #1. We are looking for knowledge in class, as well as a willingness to learn and follow directions.

Exceptional players are always considered, regardless of class status.

If you have any issues with the application/registration, see an officer in game.
Bard Bard High
Beastlord Beastlord Low
Berserker Berserker Low
Cleric Cleric High
Druid Druid Medium
Enchanter Enchanter Medium
Magician Magician Medium
Monk Monk Medium
Necromancer Necromancer Medium
Paladin Paladin Medium
Ranger Ranger Low
Rogue Rogue Low
Shadow Knight Shadow Knight Low
Shaman Shaman Medium
Warrior Warrior Medium
Wizard Wizard Medium
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Recent Loot
Leather Girdle of Girded Loins [History]

08/29/2016 18:59

Naythox's Keeper of Order [History]

08/29/2016 18:58

Cristanos Kiss [History]

08/29/2016 18:58

Tarant's Battle Belt [History]

08/29/2016 18:58

T1 - BP [History]

08/29/2016 18:58

Recent Raids

08/29/2016 21:30


08/29/2016 21:00


08/29/2016 20:30


08/29/2016 20:00


08/29/2016 19:30

More News
WE are in Tier 4!!!!!1

04/12/2016 19:25

First Tier 3 Event down! Tier 4 is getting close!

04/11/2016 20:25


04/10/2016 00:37

New Progression server firsts!

04/02/2016 21:53

Another Progression first!

03/28/2016 20:21

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Citizen saves Jacyll!
08/08/2016 19:08 by Rollenn


Moving through Tier 1 Call of the Forsaken
08/04/2016 20:50 by Rollenn

It's been a while since last update, but with the too long delay between expansions it can't be helped......


THE BARRIERS ARE WEAKENED! Time for a bunch of us to buy updated copies of the game!
04/25/2016 21:44 by Rollenn


Stay on target. Stay on target!
04/20/2016 17:23 by Rollenn


First Tier4 kill!!!! I feel a barriers are weakening message incoming soon!
04/12/2016 20:46 by Rollenn


Guild Info
ServerFippy Darkpaw

Progression List

  • Call of the Forsaken
    • CotF Launch July 11, 2016
    • Ethernere Tainted West Karana: The Doomscale Horde
    • Ethernere Tainted West Karana: The Defense of Lendiniara
    • Bixie Warfront: Saving Jacyll
    • Bixie Warfront: Pelzia's Plot
    • Dead Hills: Xulous Prime
    • Dead Hills: The Legacy of Bayle
    • Neriak Fourth Gate: Houses of Thex
    • Neriak Fourth Gate: Hate Rising>
    • Tower of Rot: Lord Kyle Bayle
    • Argin-Hiz: Burn Out
    • The Void: The Journey Home
    • The Plane of War
    • CotF Defeated
  • Rain of Fear
  • Veil of Alaris
  • The Underfoot
  • Seeds of Destruction
  • Secrets of Faydwer
  • The Buried Sea
  • The Serpent's Spine
  • Prophecy of Ro
  • Depths of Darkhollow
  • Dragons of Norrath

  • Omens of War

  • Gates of Discord

  • Planes of Power

  • Shadows of Luclin

  • Scars of Velious

  • Ruins of Kunark

  • Classic

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